A pioneer in biodiesel development

Rothsay Biodiesel was commissioned as Canada’s first commercial-scale biodiesel plant in 2005 and has since developed a reputation as a reliable business partner applying sustainable business practices to deliver high-quality biodiesel from recycled animal fats and used cooking oils. Rothsay Biodiesel is an environment-friendly, renewable fuel that ranks among the world’s purest biodiesel products made from repurposed materials.

Biodiesel can be used in all diesel engines and is a much better lubricant than conventional diesel, extending engine life

We're fueled by what we make

Rothsay has developed extensive expertise in the manufacturing and use of biodiesel, and proudly adds to Darling Ingredient's innovative and pioneering history of sustainable fuel development. Today, our facility near Montreal Quebec is running well above nameplate capacity at a rate of approximately 45 million liters per year. Pursuing sustainability in everything we do, the raw materials we use to produce our biodiesel are delivered to our plant by a fleet running on the fuel produced from the very materials they transport. At Darling Ingredients, closing the loop is what we do best.

For product information, call 905-628-2258 x52455 or visit www.rothsaybiodiesel.ca