Turning the nation's animal fats and used cooking oils into renewable diesel

Diamond Green Diesel is one of the world’s pioneering renewable energy projects. It is a sustainable biofuel facility that is helping meet America’s growing renewable energy demands. At the Diamond Green Diesel refinery in Norco, Louisiana, we produce at capacity, 275 million gallons of renewable diesel annually

Diamond Green Diesel is expanding again, with a more than doubled annual capacity of 675 million gallons, targeted to begin production in 2021.

The Norco plant converts approximately 15% of the waste fats and oils generated in the U.S. into approximately 275 million gallons of low carbon, renewable diesel per year, and is currently expanding production to 675 million gallons annually which should complete by the end of 2021.

Post-expansion, Diamond Green Diesel will process approximately 20% of the animal fats and used cooking oil generated in the United States.

Renewable diesel is a molecular match to petroleum-based diesel fuel and can be dropped into the pipeline for distribution. Importantly, our biofuel has a carbon life cycle low enough to meet the most stringent low-carbon fuel standards in effect today. Diamond Green Diesel's renewable diesel meets the requirements of California's Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS), which mandates the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions of at least 10% by 2020 in an effort to lower the carbon footprint of transportation. 

Creating resources, not depleting them

Our biofuels are made from food residuals – animal fats, used cooking oil and other feed stocks. Rather than placing these materials in landfills or putting them to no use, we are producing sustainable fuel without diminishing the world's food supply, without using fertile land space, and without diminishing nature’s resources.

In short, Diamond Green Diesel creates, rather than depletes, efficient and sustainable resources that our growing world needs. 

For product information, call 1-800-669-1209, email sales@diamondgreendiesel.com or visit www.diamondgreendiesel.com

Biofuels like Diamond Green Diesel can reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, improve energy security and bring jobs and investment opportunities

A superior, low carbon product with a higher cetane index

Like conventional diesel, Diamond Green renewable diesel is a hydrocarbon that meets ASTM International’s standard for Diesel Fuel Oils (D-975). 

  • Renewable diesel’s molecular structure differs from that of biodiesel, which is a methyl-ester
  • Renewable diesel is superior to typical ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), having a higher cetane index 
  • Unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel has an energy density value equivalent to ULSD
  • Renewable diesel can be distributed through the established petroleum pipeline system, while biodiesel requires truck or rail transport
  • Renewable diesel has no cold-flow issues and won’t thicken and clog engines in cold weather 

Diamond Green Diesel began as a joint venture of Darling Ingredients and Diamond Alternative Energy LLC, a subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation. It was our first move into the mass-scale production of renewable diesel.