Specialists in biodiesel and renewable diesel

Renewable energy is a broad term and includes a growing range of sustainable resources, from wind and solar energy to fuels derived from biomass and other natural raw materials. At DAR PRO Bioenergy we are specialists as well as pioneers in the production of two kinds of renewable energy:

  • BIODIESEL- produced at our Butler, Kentucky and our Montreal, Quebec (Rothsay Biodiesel) facilities
    • Meets biodiesel standard ASTM D6751
    • Distributed via truck, rail or vessel
    • Generally used up to a 15% blend with petroleum diesel
    • Burns clean and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% as compared to petro-diesel
    • VersaGen methyl ester is a valuable co-product of the biodiesel production process
  • RENEWABLE DIESEL - produced in partnership with Valero Energy Corporation at our Norco, Louisiana facility (Diamond Green Diesel
    • Meets standard ASTM D-975, sharing identical properties to petroleum biodiesel
    • Can be distributed via existing diesel pipeline and infrastructure, or by rail, truck, vessel
    • No cold-flow issues, burns clean, can be used up to 100% in any diesel engine
    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% as compared to petro-diesel
    • The production of renewable diesel also generates valuable co-products, such as renewable propane, renewable butane, and NAPHTHA (mineral spirits)

Our Diamond Green Diesel plant, located outside New Orleans, is the largest plant of its kind in North America to produce renewable diesel from animal fats and distiller and used cooking oils.