ASTM standards

All our biofuel products are produced in adherence to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Fuel producers, engine equipment manufacturers and third-party interests (users, government agencies, consultants) have the responsibility for setting these standards for both diesel fuel and biodiesel. ASTM fuel standards are the minimum accepted values for properties of the fuel to provide adequate customer satisfaction and/or protection.

DAR PRO Bioenergy’s Bio G-3000 and Rothsay Biodiesel both meet ASTM D6751. Diamond Green Diesel, our renewable diesel facility owned jointly by Valero Energy Corporation and Darling Ingredients, meets standard ASTM D-975.

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Providing security – and keeping it – is our focus

At DAR PRO Bioenergy, Solutions and Ingredients, we take our commitment to integrity, safety and environmental stewardship seriously. Part of that commitment is abiding by all applicable regulations at the local, state and federal levels. As a DAR PRO Bioenergy  customer, you can rest easy knowing the residuals we manage for you and the products we develop from them are handled safely, efficiently and in full compliance with all environmental and government codes.