Driving the development of renewable fuel production

DAR PRO Bioenergy is a pioneering expert in producing high-quality biodiesel from the organic byproducts of the restaurant and supermarket sectors. As your partner in sustainability, we can help you meet your corporate sustainability goals by collecting and repurposing your residuals in an eco-friendly manner. The fuels Darling Ingredients produces are marketed under three separate brands.

Our DAR PRO Bioenergy products & brands:

  • Bio G-3000 Premium Biodiesel is produced out of our Butler, Kentucky facility; a co-product of our biodiesel production is Versagyn, an eco-friendly solvent and fuel enhancer 

  • Diamond Green Diesel, with our partner Valero Energy Corporation, is North America’s largest facility to produce renewable diesel from animal fats and used cooking oils 

  • Rothsay Biofuel, Canada’s first commercial-scale biodiesel plant producing safe and efficient premium biodiesel from animal fats and recycled cooking oils for the North American market
  • VersaGen Solvents, VersaGen non-toxic solvents provide a safe alternative to many hazardous products used in the chemical, industrial and agricultural markets

A unique trio creating renewable resources from organic residuals

DAR PRO Bioenergy works in close alliance with DAR PRO Solutions and DAR PRO Ingredients to create sustainable and efficient feed and fuel solutions for our world.  Our Solutions team collects used cooking oil and inedible fat & bone material from our restaurant and super market customers.  Our Ingredients team processes this material, along with inedible co-products from their meat processor customers, into feedstock that can be used in any of our three fuel production facilities... or into a variety of other sustainable applications, such as fat and protein ingredients that contribute to nutritional balance and digestibility in pet food, animal feed and aqua feed.  Also produced as co-products of our renewable diesel production process are renewable propane, renewable butane and NAPHTHA, more commonly known as mineral spirits.

Among the world's pioneers

At DAR PRO Bioenergy, we are among the world's pioneers in creating biodiesel and renewable diesel.  By becoming part of our environmentally responsible residuals-to-resources approach, you will improve your own sustainability performance and we will both contribute to an ecologically and economically greener world.